Frequently Asked Questions about Verdicrete ( Engineered Concrete) Countertops

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Why choose Verdicrete?

Verdicrete is set apart by its individuality of color and texture, as well as the bold appearance that is possible.

Where can Verdicrete be used?

Verdicrete can be used anywhere that tile, solid surfacing, slate, granite, or marble is used. It is often used for kitchen islands, perimeter countertops, bathroom vanities, desktops, or coffee table tops.

What are the color options?

The color possibilities are endless. Shading differences may occur in Verdicrete as they do in all natural materials. Keep in mind that color matching in Verdicrete is not an exact science; each and every concrete slab is unique and can vary slightly in tonality, color field, and texture. This is the beauty of the concrete medium.

Are there custom color samples available ?

A set of three variations of a color (from a sample or by referencing the Benjamin Moore color chart) costs $150. This can be partially or fully credited toward your project. A sample of one of our in-stock colors is $25, the cost of which can also be credited toward your project.

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How thick are Verdicrete counter tops?

They are a minimum of 1/2" thick and can be any thickness up through 24 ".

What does a Verdicrete counter top weigh?

A 1” thick countertop weighs approximately 12 lbs. per square foot; 33% less than granite. Most factory made kitchen cabinets will support both concrete and granite without a problem. It’s wise to check any special layout details with your kitchen designer or general contractor.

How does Verdicrete look?

Verdicrete has texture placed in it by our craftsmen, and will also show markings, spots, and lots of natural areas of variation that is to be expected from the concrete medium. We can also manufacture Verdicrete to look very uniform upon request.

What is maximum overhang for a Verdicrete counter top?

A 1 1/2" countertop can be overhung 15" without support. Larger overhangs are possible using external supports. We use steel reinforcement bars in tops according to your layout needs, which are internal and invisible.

Do Verdicrete counter tops crack?

NO. Verdicrete will not crack and we warranty them not to. Hairline cracks or surface crazing may occur, but are considered character features, just like the veins in stone, and do not affect the structural integrity of the top. This is considered by the design trade to be a desirable part of the charm of concrete.

Where do field joints occur?

We use them less and less as our engineering grows more sophisticated. We are currently producing 6’x14’ tops. Field joints may occur at the size limit for some very long runs or corners, or to allow access to your residence. Fax us a drawing for consulting on your design needs. No attempt is made to hide of disguise these joints. Field joints should be unobtrusive but clearly part of the concrete design.

Will Verdicrete counter tops stain?

Our Verdicrete tops are highly stain-resistant. While they hold up well, it is best not to let spills linger overnight. Scrubbing your tops with a 3M Scotch-brite pad will remove stubborn marks or shallow stains. This scrubbing pad will give the same luster that the top was delivered with. Contact Brooks Custom for technical advice if you think the sealer has been damaged.

How do I clean my Verdicrete counter tops?

Windex and a paper towel work great. Clean countertops with any non-abrasive household cleanser. Use a 3M Scotch-Brite pad for scrubbing.

Can I cut on my Verdicrete counter tops?

As with most countertop surfaces, cutting boards should be used when chopping or cutting foods. Incidental food contact is not a problem.

Can I put hot pots on my Verdicrete counter top?

Boiling water will not harm Verdicete. Always use a hot plate of trivet when setting items from an oven out on the countertop. Although concrete itself is very heat resistant, the sealer can be damaged from prolonged exposure to very high temperatures such as a frying pan with hot oil.

What about sinks?

We currently offer custom Verdicrete integral sinks in many shapes and sizes. They are great for a bathroom vanity. We can also undermount or cut-in any sink you may provide.

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What type of warranty do we offer?

Please feel free to contact or call us for technical or service advice before tackling significant problems with your countertop.If you need to report a problem, or need service advice, please follow this procedure to help us understand the nature of your problem: